What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Canada Express Entry System?

The working holiday visa canada has been quite prominent for allowing Canada immigration. The Canada Express Entry system is actually quite effective and everything is done online. So, there’s no stress involved for the candidates, in going to the Canadian high commission office in India. The candidates can get the help from consultants like us in solving all their Canada immigration-related worries. The results are yielded by the Canada Express Entry system in a  time period of just 6 months. The best part is that the jobs are also provided as per the Canada Express Entry to candidates who have considerable experience. The candidate’s profiles are given to the job bank which picks them up as per the availability of employers in this country. If a candidate’s profile meets the requirements of any employer, he gets selected for a job and gets 200 points as per the Canada Express Entry for a job. This way, the candidate has his path eased out before him before going to Canada.

Canada Express Entry-Pros and Cons

This Canada Express Entry system is also quite effective for the employers because it helps them in accessing the profiles of so many individuals. It makes the employer look at their attributes and hence fill the supply-demand gap in this country. The Express Entry to Canada has certain requirements also only after which this system gives green signal to anyone for immigration to this country. Without such requirements, nobody can approval for immigration. Such requirements are mentioned in terms of whether a candidate knows English, whether he has done more than the high school education or not. If he knows English well, a candidate has great chances of selection for going to Canada as per the Canada Express Entry. Since so many candidates apply for immigration to Canada, it’s better to actually have great English IELTS scores to get to this country through the Canada Express Entry. The only cons of the Canada Express Entry system is that it has a higher points requirement, and most of the candidates cant meet that. Fortunately, Provincial nomination programs are also applicable for someone to go to Canada. Without such immigration programs, many candidates don’t stand a chance of going to this country. 

Provincial nominee programs actually select a candidate based on a lot of criteria which have been implemented by a province. These criteria are quite distinct and hence only immigration counselors can provide you with information about them. 

The provincial nomination programs are now processed through the Canada Express Entry system. So, there is no need to apply for them through paper-based applications, which is the case with base PNP programs.  With PNP programs, anyone can get immigration to this country. These great PNP programs have the requirement that they, require someone to have been given work in a province. The candidates should display good connection to a province. This connection comes in the form of a past working experience in the province. This working experience should not be less than 12 months. So, application for such PNP programs can be made as per the Canada Express Entry once you have such connections.


Football: a game which has inspired millions

Football is one of the most worshipped games in the world. It has become a culture. Football makes people go into a frenzy. This sport has more fans around the world rather than anything else.

Why has football become a religion?

The game of football has all the elements of excitement in it. There are times when this game inspires people to laugh, to cry. When the forward is about to kick the ball into the goalpost and when the goalkeeper is about to jump into the air trying to stop the goal, all are dramatic moments in the football game. The aim of any player is to kick the ball into the goal which is defended by the goalkeeper of the rival team. So, when the ball is able to reach the goal, able to bypass the goalkeeper, history is written. The goalkeepers have more power than the players in blocking the goal. It’s because they can use their entire bodies to stop the goal.

The players have their entire bodies to kick the ball except for their hands. The goals can be scored through the chest, legs, and the hands. However, sometimes the football matches don’t end with one team getting more goals. At that point in time, the teams are given extra shootouts to find the winner. There are also aberrations to this rule of replacement. Once has a player has been sent out of the game after being shown a red card by a referee he cants be replaced also. A player can be shown either a yellow card or a red card. The former refers to, a warning to the concerned player and the latter refers to leaving the field. So, for a player, being shown a red card by a referee is a dreaded affair.

Rules of the football game

Substitutions in the game: A team can replace a player with a substitute player in case the former suffers from an injury. However, a team can only make 3 replacements during a game. If more than these many numbers of replacements are needed, then the team can’t do so. For example, if three replacements have already been made, and a player gets injured, then the team will have to play without the injured player without getting any replacement for him.

Offside and onside: A player can’t be offside which is an important rule of this game. Offside is defined as the area around the goalpost of any team, which is restricted to the players of the opposite team. They cant be ahead on the field in front of the opponent’s team, the player when he is about to score a goal, and if happens, the opponent team gets a goal. 

Kickoff: The teams get to choose which team will do the kickoff, or face the kickoff from the opposite team, based on who wins the initial toss. Kickoff is a kick done over a long distance.


Cricket: the game that defies all rules

Cricket is one of the most interesting games in the world. It has two teams which have 11 players each. The batting team only has two players present on the 20-meter long pitch whereas the bowling team has 11 players present at a time trying to get the players of the opposing team dismissed.  When the 10 players of the batting team are dismissed due to one reason or another the teams alternate sides. So, the batting team starts to bowl and vice versa. Each team takes sides to bat. Whichever team bats first, tries to put a score on board which the other team will find it difficult to surpass. Since one team is batting at a time and the other team is bowling, the match stays interesting because the aim of the latter team is to get all the players of the batting team out/dismissed. The pitch where the batting team bats, has one wicket each placed on the opposite side. A wicket consists of three stumps.

The game of cricket consisted of 50 overs earlier but now it contains only 20 overs in its new format. So, instead of  50 over matches 20 over matches are common now.

There are multiple ways in which a player from the batting side can be dismissed.  One of these ways is that whenever the batter from the batting side hits a ball bowled at him and its caught midair by a fielder, the former is considered dismissed. Another way is when the ball is aimed at the stumps by the bowler and causes them to fall. Since 11 fielders from the bowling team are present on the ground at a time, it’s up to the captain to decide where to place them on the field. Their positioning determines the outcome of the game. It’s because catches of the hits by the batting team can be a success or failure depending on this placement.

 There are also wicketkeepers in the game of cricket. They are from the bowling team and their aim is to sit behind the wicket and make the batter run out as and when the need arises. When the batter is too far from the pitch, he can be given a run out if the wicketkeeper is able to hit the stumps with the ball.

There are two batters, a striker who hits the ball and he moves to the other end of the pitch. In the mean, the batter on the end moves to the opposite end. This is how a run is scored in this game.

Australia is the most powerful cricket team. It has achieved many victories in this game which include taking home 5 of the world cups.