Cricket: the game that defies all rules

Cricket is one of the most interesting games in the world. It has two teams which have 11 players each. The batting team only has two players present on the 20-meter long pitch whereas the bowling team has 11 players present at a time trying to get the players of the opposing team dismissed.  When the 10 players of the batting team are dismissed due to one reason or another the teams alternate sides. So, the batting team starts to bowl and vice versa. Each team takes sides to bat. Whichever team bats first, tries to put a score on board which the other team will find it difficult to surpass. Since one team is batting at a time and the other team is bowling, the match stays interesting because the aim of the latter team is to get all the players of the batting team out/dismissed. The pitch where the batting team bats, has one wicket each placed on the opposite side. A wicket consists of three stumps.

The game of cricket consisted of 50 overs earlier but now it contains only 20 overs in its new format. So, instead of  50 over matches 20 over matches are common now.

There are multiple ways in which a player from the batting side can be dismissed.  One of these ways is that whenever the batter from the batting side hits a ball bowled at him and its caught midair by a fielder, the former is considered dismissed. Another way is when the ball is aimed at the stumps by the bowler and causes them to fall. Since 11 fielders from the bowling team are present on the ground at a time, it’s up to the captain to decide where to place them on the field. Their positioning determines the outcome of the game. It’s because catches of the hits by the batting team can be a success or failure depending on this placement.

 There are also wicketkeepers in the game of cricket. They are from the bowling team and their aim is to sit behind the wicket and make the batter run out as and when the need arises. When the batter is too far from the pitch, he can be given a run out if the wicketkeeper is able to hit the stumps with the ball.

There are two batters, a striker who hits the ball and he moves to the other end of the pitch. In the mean, the batter on the end moves to the opposite end. This is how a run is scored in this game.

Australia is the most powerful cricket team. It has achieved many victories in this game which include taking home 5 of the world cups.

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