What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Canada Express Entry System?

The working holiday visa canada has been quite prominent for allowing Canada immigration. The Canada Express Entry system is actually quite effective and everything is done online. So, there’s no stress involved for the candidates, in going to the Canadian high commission office in India. The candidates can get the help from consultants like us in solving all their Canada immigration-related worries. The results are yielded by the Canada Express Entry system in a  time period of just 6 months. The best part is that the jobs are also provided as per the Canada Express Entry to candidates who have considerable experience. The candidate’s profiles are given to the job bank which picks them up as per the availability of employers in this country. If a candidate’s profile meets the requirements of any employer, he gets selected for a job and gets 200 points as per the Canada Express Entry for a job. This way, the candidate has his path eased out before him before going to Canada.

Canada Express Entry-Pros and Cons

This Canada Express Entry system is also quite effective for the employers because it helps them in accessing the profiles of so many individuals. It makes the employer look at their attributes and hence fill the supply-demand gap in this country. The Express Entry to Canada has certain requirements also only after which this system gives green signal to anyone for immigration to this country. Without such requirements, nobody can approval for immigration. Such requirements are mentioned in terms of whether a candidate knows English, whether he has done more than the high school education or not. If he knows English well, a candidate has great chances of selection for going to Canada as per the Canada Express Entry. Since so many candidates apply for immigration to Canada, it’s better to actually have great English IELTS scores to get to this country through the Canada Express Entry. The only cons of the Canada Express Entry system is that it has a higher points requirement, and most of the candidates cant meet that. Fortunately, Provincial nomination programs are also applicable for someone to go to Canada. Without such immigration programs, many candidates don’t stand a chance of going to this country. 

Provincial nominee programs actually select a candidate based on a lot of criteria which have been implemented by a province. These criteria are quite distinct and hence only immigration counselors can provide you with information about them. 

The provincial nomination programs are now processed through the Canada Express Entry system. So, there is no need to apply for them through paper-based applications, which is the case with base PNP programs.  With PNP programs, anyone can get immigration to this country. These great PNP programs have the requirement that they, require someone to have been given work in a province. The candidates should display good connection to a province. This connection comes in the form of a past working experience in the province. This working experience should not be less than 12 months. So, application for such PNP programs can be made as per the Canada Express Entry once you have such connections.

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